Private Companies

For many medium-sized enterprises, raising capital can be a complex and demanding process.  Even when capital can be found, the terms can be onerous and cost prohibitive to the business owner.

BridgePointe Capital Markets’ mission is to deliver an innovative method of raising capital for Private Companies that has not existed in the past.  By streamlining the due diligence process and accessing a new and broad investor class, we are creating a more efficient and competitive capital market for Private Companies.  The majority of our clients seeking capital are established medium-sized businesses operating in various industry sectors.

Our technology simplifies the required disclosure process to make offerings faster, efficient and less costly than traditional methods

Through our unique underwriting process, we enable Private Companies to access capital on competitive terms.  We have developed an online step-by-step process for owners and managers to focus on what is important in the disclosure process.  Time-sensitive tasks are assigned internally, or externally to their business advisers, to make the process may be as efficient as possible.

Offering proceeds may be used for a number of purposes

By accessing BridgePointe’s Funding Portal, Private Companies are able to offer securities to finance a number of different business projects.  Some examples of the types of transactions that might be offered would include:

    • Permanent Working Capital Expansion
    • Equipment & General Capital Expenditures
    • Product Line Extensions
    • Commercial Fleet Financing
    • Owner-Occupied Real Estate Projects
    • Commercial & Residential Real Estate Developments
    • Acquisition Financing
    • Franchise Financing
    • Balance Sheet Recapitalization
    • Partner or Management Buy-outs
    • Non-Traditional Issues

Funding platform allows clients the opportunity to quickly raise additional capital via follow-on offerings

Once a private company completes an initial offering, it has the unique ability to frequently communicate with its investors via our Investor Relations Portal. By building its market presence and credibility over time, clients will have an optimal conduit to quickly access additional tranches of capital as needed.

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