How It Works

In seven simple steps, qualified Private Companies are able connect to Accredited Individual Investors and Qualified Institutions to raise the capital they need to execute their business plans.

1. Issuer Due Diligence   Private Companies who raise money through BridgePointe’s Funding Portal are typically referred by our Community Partners.  Once an engagement is formalized, the client begins work (guided step-by-step through the Funding Platform) preparing documents to be disclosed in a regulatory compliant manner.  Additional tasks are assigned to relevant parties (e.g., management, placement agent, legal, accounting) to assist in the due diligence process with time sensitive deadlines.

2. Investor Qualification   Accredited Individual and Institutional Investors desiring access to the platform for investment opportunities must first sign-up.  Investors are asked a series of qualifying questions regarding their financial profile, investment objectives and individual suitability.  They also have access to educational materials about our unique investment process.

3. Investment Matching   Based on personalized preferences, investors are matched with investment opportunities suitable for them.  Matching criteria include geography, industry, company revenue, investment type, ownership type and more.

4. Transaction Tracking   After reviewing transaction summaries, investors have the ability to track those in which they are interested.  When tracking, they can request more detailed information about the investment, participate in prospective investor briefings, view video pitches and review offering documents.

5. Investor Commitment   When the investor is ready to commit to an investment, they digitally sign the offering documents.  The investor can change their mind at any time until the investment goal is reached and the offering closed.  The investor’s money is moved from their source account directly into a third-party escrow account.  This secure fund ensures the money is not released until 100% of the minimum investment raise amount has been reached.

6. Transaction Closing   Once the targeted investment raise amount is reached, each investor receives the final subscription documents for their digital signature and the transaction closes.

7. Investor Support   Investors receive ongoing support including regular communications and reporting from the Private Company via our Investor Relations Portal, account updates via our Investor Dashboard, as well as annual tax information.