BridgePointe Capital Markets is on the forefront of developing a new and emerging capital market for qualified investors and medium-sized businesses.  We are positioned to allow our Investors the unique opportunity to participate directly in regional investments that have not previously existed.

Through our electronic funding portal, we enable Investors to customize their portfolio by a wide range of criteria such as geography, industry sector and security type.  Our Investors can quickly and efficiently match opportunities with their individual suitability requirements.

BridgePointe capital markets provides multiple benefits to Investors

By participating in our unique process of offering a variety of private securities, accredited individual and institutional investors can share in a wide range of benefits including:

  • Opportunity to participate in funding companies that were not previously available
  • Additional portfolio diversification outside of public market investing
  • Investments across multiple industry sectors
  • Efficient investment process utilizing mobile technology, standardized transactions, electronic closings and on-line Investor Relations Portal and Dashboard

Investors have the ability to participate in a wide variety of securities

Some of the various investments that may be privately offered through our platform are:

  • Senior Term Notes
  • Subordinated Debt
  • Preferred Equity
  • Common Equity
  • Direct Participation Programs

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