Community Partners

BridgePointe is committed to working with key Community Partners to create a strong and vibrant local business environment.  The success of a Private Company is directly inter-woven into the community in which it operates.  Whether hiring a new engineer from a nearby college or engaging a regional accounting firm, a local business is dependent on the collective resources of the community.  Also, the prospects of the business and the reputation of its management is typically known, whether favorable or not.

Local market intelligence provides both Investors and Community Partners considerable leverage in generating mutually beneficial business and investment opportunities.  We believe that the BridgePointe platform creates an idea marketplace to align local resources to drive local and regional economic growth.

We work closely with a broad cross-section of  Community Partners

Some examples of Community Partners that we work closely with include:

  • Community & Regional Banks
  • Attorneys, Accountants & Business Consultants
  • Family Offices, Financial Planners & Investment Advisers
  • Economic Development Agencies, Incubators & Accelerators
  • Angel Investors, Private Equity and Mezzanine Funds
  • Universities, Foundations & Endowments

Partners benefit by supporting Regional Investments

Most of the Private Companies that we work with are referred to us by our Community Partners.  It is important they understand the mutual benefits of participating in our process.  Some benefits include:

  • Enhancing local markets by decentralizing capital formation
  • Unlocking innovation
  • Encouraging economic growth by supporting the local business eco-system
  • Driving local employment
  • Stimulating local community involvement
  • Creating referral opportunities where Private Companies and Investors can engage the Community Partner
  • Providing an ability to track social and economic impact on the community

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